Khaju Bridge

Downstream from the Allah-Verdi Khan Bridge in Isfahan, there is the most impressive and beautiful historical bridge called Khaju (named after a neighboring district inhabited by the court elite) crossing the Zayandeh Rud River.

Built on the order of Shah Abbas II in about 1650, measuring 132 meters long and 12 meters wide, the Khaju Bridge is made of two decks (floors), including two levels of terraced arcades, the upper deck with its vaulted paths on either side functions as a passageway, while the lower one constituted the recreational area. Also, the bridge used to act as a dam, collecting water for irrigating the surrounding fields and gardens.

Outpacing other bridges in terms of having the archaeological or aesthetic interest, the Khaju Bridge has aroused the admiration of travelers since the 17th century. Among the outstanding points of the bridge, the arcades and stone steps with the water cascading over them, splendid tilework of the arches of the upper booths and lower spans, and two statues of lions on both sides must be mentioned.

At the central part of the upper deck, there is a pavilion fantastically decorated on the exterior and interior, used by the rulers and royal family exclusively for pleasure, namely pyrotechnic shows and water competitions, making the bridge even more beautiful and a must-see place.

The lower level of the bridge can be accessed by pedestrians and remains a popular shady place for relaxing. Sitting on the steps in front of the bridge and arches in the first deck, listening to the sound of water, seeing Isfahan sceneries, one can have the most enjoyable and relaxing moments.

Likewise, sitting in alcoves on the two sides of passages of the upper deck provides conditions to see the wonderful scene of surrounding greenery and water and spending time in large alcoves of lower deck located between water canals with unique beauties offers vantage points for the remarkable views.

Therefore, the imposing Khaju Bridge, this undoubtedly the finest and well-planned bridge of Isfahan and the favorite promenade for its residents and guests is highly recommended to be part of visitors’ schedule as the most memorable sightseeing spot.

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